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Home Furniture Re-upholstery


If your old sofa, chair or love-seat looks like it’s on its last legs (no pun intended), don’t be too quick to send it to the landfill. Resourceful consumers are discovering that many older pieces have better construction then new furniture available today. It’s in the frame. Generally, furniture that is 15-20 years old have hardwood frames and the joints are secured with dowels and special glues. Look at this way, if your old furniture frame has stood up to daily use for 10-15 years, it’s probably good or it wouldn’t have lasted this long. Good frames don’t wear out. The frame is the foundation. We work from the frame up… much the same way the custom furniture maker does. If your piece has a good frame and we re-upholster it using a quality fabric and modern foundation materials, the result will be a custom piece that will be of better quality than you can purchase today.

Another significant advantage of reupholstering is a large fabric selection. Your selection will not be limited to just a few choices that most furniture stores have available. We have 1000’s of top quality fabric, leather and vinyl samples in our showroom. So, if you have a lumpy old sofa or a frayed arm chair that’s beginning to shed it stuffing, take another look before discarding it. Also, many grand old pieces are found at estate sales, auctions and garage sales. These diamonds –in-the-rough are sold for just a few dollars. They can be refurbished into a beautiful, one of kind, quality pieces of furniture.

We guarantee our custom quality workmanship and attention to detail including:

  • Frame integrity inspection; re-gluing and repairs will be performed
  • Removal of all old padding material (source of allergens)
  • New hypoallergenic foundation materials installed
  • Finished portions of frame cleaned and touched
  • 8 way hand ties are performed on all coil springs
  • Fabric patterns matched (floral, designs and stripes) on all parts of furniture
  • Welt (piping) cut on the bias
  • Perfect fit of cushions covered in Dacron wrap
  • Exact skirt alignment and positioning when present
  • Custom arm covers included

Custom Residential Fabrications

  • Replacement Foam Cushion
  • Throw Pillows of all sizes
  • Outdoor Furniture Cushions
  • Upholstered Headboards
  • Window Seat Cushions
  • Ottomans and Foot Stools
  • Bar Stools
  • Cornice Boards
  • Dinning chair cushions
  • Outdoor grill covers
  • Spa covers

Repair Services

  • Chair re-gluing and repair
  • Caning
  • Leather furniture repair and refurbishing
  • Pet damage repair
  • Leather repairs including leashes, collars, belts
  • Horse Tack Repairs including blankets
  • Insurance Estimates for Claims
  • Luggage and purse repair